10 reasons why gardening with kids is awesome

Gardening is an amazing activity to bond with our children and it also countless opportunities for learning science and life skills. Here are 10 reasons why you should be gardening with your children.

Gardening is an amazing activity to bond with our children and it also countless opportunities for learning science and life skills. Here are 10 reasons why you should be gardening with your kids.

When I was a 5 years old my parents bought a piece of land outside the city to build a house.

We lived in an apartment in a big city and we traveled every weekend to our little house on the countryside to have some rest.

As a kid I loved to spend the weekends there, helping my dad plant and grow vegetables and fruits.

Now, I cherish these memories as one if the happiest times I spent with my family.

I stopped being interested in gardening when I was 13 years old but when my daughter was 1-year-old I was desperate to get a place with a small garden.

Then my husband got a new job, we moved across the country and my dream came true.

Last spring when Tutu turned 2 years old our adventures in the garden started. And there aren’t enough words to tell you how amazing gardening has been for all of us.

10 reasons why you should be gardening with your kids

Gardening with kids is a great way to spend quality meaningful time with our children. It allows children and adults to connect with nature and relieve stress. And, it also provides countless opportunities for learning science, maths and more importantly life skills.

1.Builds self-esteem:

When children eat what they grow with so much effort and love they feel accomplished. Knowing that they planted the seeds, water the plant, took care of it and that all they did pay off is priceless.

Learning to use gardening tools and mastering gardening activities will boost children’s self-confidence. Tutu recently learned to use the pruners (she is almost 3 years old). she tried many times and when she was able to cut something she looked at me with the biggest smile and said:”mama I did it!”. Then she didn’t want to stop trimming the trees.

gardening enhances children fine motor skills

2. Enhances fine motor skills and concentration:

Learning to use pruners, a trowel, and a hand fork requires lots of practice and concentration.

As they learn to use these tools they will be developing fine motor skills. Using these tools will strengthen little hand muscles and prepare them for writing.

3. Children can learn about nature

When children spend time in the garden they will see all kinds of crawly creatures and insects. They will ask questions and this provides you with an amazing opportunity for teaching children about nature.

One of Tutu’s favorite things to do in the garden is looking for earthworms, snails, and bees. Yesterday, we were working on the garden when she saw a honeybee. She quickly turned to her dad and said: “Papa, look a honeybee, she is eating pollen to make honey”.

She has learned this from the conversations we have had in the garden. We have never talked about bees in our learning units.

4. It teaches responsibility and patience

Growing plants from seeds takes time and patience. Children will learn that they have to wait to get the reward from their hard work.

Additionally, when children care for their crops they learn to be responsible. If they don’t water their crops these will die. If they water them they will grow strong and they will be able to harvest fruits and vegetables to eat.

5. Introduces concepts of  botany

The best way to learn is by doing. Seeing the life cycle of an apple, a broccoli or a tomato as it happens will be a better lesson than anything else.

Children can learn how plants change with seasons, life cycles and much more spontaneously as they spend time in the garden.

6. Enhances eye-hand coordination

Making a hole in the right place, placing the seed in the hole, trimming plants with shears are activities that require eye-hand coordination.

7. They learn to care for the environment 

When children find a crawly creature in the garden they will learn that they need to treat it with care so that it survives.

Tutu loves earthworms and she collects an earthworm family (yes, she says this is the daddy, this is the mommy and this is the baby). She knows that she can only keep them for a minute and then she has to let then go and cover them so they don’t die. She forgot to do it once and came back to find the family had dried and she was sad for days.

Additionally, gardening is the perfect opportunity to teach children to care for the earth. You can talk with your children about why is it important to keep the garden clean (talk about pollution) and about pesticides for example.

8. It provides opportunities for sensory stimulation

The garden is the perfect place to stimulate all senses.

Children can smell the scents of different herbs, vegetablesm and flowers. See the beautiful colors of the flowers and butterflies flying around. Touch the wet mud, the dry soil or the texture of a plant. Hear the noises the different insects make. And taste different flavors from what they harvest.

9. Encourages healthy eating

Many children don’t like some vegetables and fruits. Others may refuse to try new ones (my daughter included).

But when they harvest what they grow in the garden they are more likely to eat.

Tutu had refused to try raspberries for the longest time.  And when we bought this house last year the garden was invaded by raspberry plants and guess who ate them all? My daughter!

gardening with kids creates lifelong lasting memories

10. You create lifelong memories

Gardening provides the perfect opportunity to unplug, to leave your smartphone behind and spend some quality time with your children.

When you spend time with them in the garden, working and having a nice time together you are strengthening your relationship with your family.  Creating memories that will last a lifetime and bonding with the people that you love the most!


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