How To Get Kids Active In Winter (Free Arctic Animals Action Cards)

Are you stuck at home because of the weather? These montessori inspired free arctic animals movement cards are a fun way to get toddlers and preschoolers moving in winter.

Montessori inspired arctic animals movement cards for toddlers and preschoolers. A fun gross motor activity to keep kids active in winter. Free printable

It’s 8 pm and we are working through our bedtime routine when suddenly my daughter decides it’s time to do some sports?

She starts by running laps around our bedroom, continues to crawl around like a baby and finally demands that I hold her hands so she can jump on our bed.

Overtired you may think and, so did I for a second.

Until I realized we didn’t go for our daily walk.

It’s been really cold here. I have been sick, it hasn’t stopped snowing the last two weeks and it’s -15°c outside.

So I skipped our daily walk.

Instead, we stayed inside, cooked together and pretended we were having a picnic.

It was fun but I forgot that a 2-year-old needs a lot of gross motor activity to burn energy.

And it was almost impossible to get Tutu to fall asleep at night.

Free Arctic animals action cards with real photos

How to keep a toddler or a preschooler moving when it’s too cold to go outside?

In the cold months of the year it is easier (and sometimes necessary) to stay in the warmth of our homes instead of being active and going outside.

And, even if you are like me, and you try to go outside every day despite the bad weather there is always some days when you are not feeling well or you are feeling lazy or the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside.

And those days you need to keep a high energy toddler or preschooler busy and active.

Otherwise, you may end up with a kid that won’t fall asleep at bedtime (believe me!).

Arctic Animals Movement Cards For Young Children

Last Christmas I printed some movement cards from Toddler approved and added them to our Christmas activity trays.

My daughter loved them so much that I decided to make our own Montessori-inspired arctic animals action cards printable.

And I’m so glad I did because they have been a huge hit to keep my toddler moving on those cold winter days.

How to make your own winter movement cards?

This activity couldn’t be simpler to set up and it’s sure to provide hours of fun.

To set up your own cards your only need

  • Artic animals movements printable (which you can download at the end of this post).
  • Photo paper (this one is my favorite one).
  • Laminator (this one is affordable and the quality is really good)


  1. Download and print the arctic animals movement cards in spanish, english or bilingual (you’ll find the download link at the end of this post).
  2. Cut the cards and laminate them (so you can reuse them during the cold and rainy months of the year).
  3. Cut the laminated cards.

That’s it! Now invite your child to play!

3 Ways To Use The Free Arctic Animals Action Cards

These cards are made with real photos of arctic animals which make them perfect for gross motor play as well as language development.

  1. Turn the cards so the photos of the animals are facing the floor. Let your child choose one card and read it to her. You can start by modelling the action: “Polar bear, Polar bears jump like this”. Then invite your child to do it with you. It’s really fun and relaxing.
  2. Show your toddler or preschooler the cards and tell her about the animals: which animal you are seeing? where do they live? what do they eat?
  3. When you are playing with the arctic animals action cards you can also talk about the noise each animal makes. Tell your kid: “this is a polar bear, polar bears growl like this (growl!).

Want more?

arctic animals printable pack for toddlers and preschoolers

Check out my bilingual arctic animals printable pack for toddlers and preschoolers on Teachers Pay Teachers. It includes writing practice, cutting practice, size sorting, matching cards and more.

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Free montessori-inspired arctic animals action cards. To keep toddlers and preschoolers active in winter or rainy days.



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Your Turn

What are your favorite ways to keep kids moving during winter? Share your ideas in the comments bellow.

Note: The activities on this page should be done under parental supervision and discretion should be used to determine if this activity is age appropriate for your child.

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    Aaaaw, this is so cute! What a brilliant idea!! My son loves to mimic penguins and these cards will help us explore other animals too! Thank you for sharing!

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