8 Fascinating Sea Themed Activities for Toddlers

8 fascinating sea-themed, montessori inspired activities for toddlers. With free printables in English, Spanish, German and Bilingual.

One of my biggest dreams is to take my 2 year old daughter to see the sea for the first time.

Instead, we are stuck at home this year. And when I say STUCK, I mean stuck.

Daily storms, hailstorms and thunderstorms have been hitting our area. In fact, we just bought our first house, we haven’t even moved in yet and it was flooded.

I daydream about the beach, the sea and lots of sunshine.

TThis weather is starting to give me the blues. But, I’ve decided the bad weather is not going to take us down.

In fact, I decided to bring the beach to us if we can’t go there. So, we are taking a break from our letter of the week activities, and instead, I’ve prepared 8+ sea themed activities this time.

These beautiful trays are brightening our days and providing lots of learning opportunities to my little girl.

To be honest, I hope the warm weather arrives soon. Then, we will leave our shelves behind to play outside! But the least we can do is have some fun at home in the meantime, right?.

Here are some activities I prepared for our shelves that Tutu is loving right now. They are easy to prepare and perfect for this time of the year! As always you will find a link to download the printables at the end of the post. The printables are available in Spanish, English and German (and bilingual).

Practical life

montessori practical life. sieving seashells.

Sieving seashells: I simply mixed sand and Tiny seashells in a glass, put the mixture together with a sieve and another glass and invited my daughter to sieve. It was the first time I included a sieve in our shelves and I’m so glad I did because it was a HUGE hit! My daughter hasn’t stop working with this activity since I put it on the shelf. She loves it and I love seeing how focus she is when working on this activity! Now, to be honest, sometimes there is sand flying around and it ends up EVERYWHERE. This activity can get messy but it’s so fun. You can also take advantage of this and let your little one help you clean (another practical life activity!).


ocean animals 3 part cards in english, spanish, german and bilingual

I recently purchased a Schleich Ocean Play Set. Tutu went crazy when we got them on the mail, she has been carrying them around ever since in a small purse. I decided to put them to better use and, made matching cards. Tutu has become so good at matching that, I have decided to increase the number of matching objects for our next unit. Matching is such an amazing way to introduce new vocabulary and, it helps children understand the relationship between abstract (cards) and real objects.


water and craft foam ocean themed window mural

Counting ocean animals with a window mural: This was by far Tutu’s favorite activity this week. If you want to know how I made it and how we used it just click HERE for the full tutorial.

toddler counting seashells. montessori inspired sea themed tot trays

Counting seashells: This time around I just made simple number cards. We counted together seashells as we placed them on the cards. She loved opening and closing the small chest to get the seashells in and out.

Ocean themed one to one correspondence. Montessori inspired tot trays.

One-to-one correspondence: For this activity I used an ice cube tray and some wooden fishes. Tutu fell in love with these fishes ever since we bought them together a week ago. When I presented her the tray she got very excited. I was surprised to see she knew already what to do even though I didn’t model the activity.


Toddler shell sorting

Seashells sorting: For this activity I used two kinds of seashells and a sorting tray. I modeled this activity for Tutu a couple of times and she got the idea. she sorts the seashells for a minute or two and then, she just starts moving handfuls of seashells from one side to the other one.

Sorting seashells by size: In the printables you will find a page with seashells in different sizes. Just print them and laminate them and let your little one put them in order from smallest to largest.

Fine Motor

Montessori inspired counting strips. Free printable for toddlers and preschoolers.

Cutting practice: Aren’t these cutting strips super cute? As soon as Tutu saw them coming out of the printer she desperately started asking me for scissors! I almost couldn’t convince her to let me take the photo first.

These are so good for vocabulary building. Before we used them for the first time, I described what was on the photos. Now, she always tells me what she sees on them before she starts cutting. And, she is getting better at cutting through the lines! Since we both love these cutting strips I decided to invite her to make a collage with the pieces she cut once she is done.

Letter recognition

Sea themed Q tip painting printables

Painting with q tips: This painting pages have become one of Tutu favorite activities from our shelves. She loves crafting so, it doesn’t surprise me. I modeled how to paint on the dots and she started very patiently painting only on the dots… for like 2 minutes… Then she got too excited, and there was paint everywhere! Just to tell you, she is only two and everything is about having fun at this age, so don’t get upset if your little one does the same… it happens 🙂

Do a dot letter recognition: You’ll find this one in the printables. I unfortunately ran out of toner before I could print it and add it to our shelves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it! Oh, and the printables also include two puzzles which I could also not print yet but I hope your little one can enjoy them!

Tutu has had a lot of fun and, learned so many new things this week with our ocean themed activities. I just hope the heavy rain stops soon and, the temperature rises so we can take the playing and learning outside!

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Montessori inspired Sea themed printables in spanish, english, german and bilingual



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Note: The activities on this page should be done under parental supervision and discretion should be used to determine if this activity is age appropriate for your child.

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