Taste-Safe, Tractor Mud Play for Toddlers

tractor mud play

Taste-safe, messy and fun sensory play for babies and toddlers. Perfect indoor activity for a fall or spring rainy day.

My daughter LOVES puddles and mud.

Every time she sees it’s raining she comes to me and says: “mama outside rain umbrella iump”. Meaning it’s raining and we need to go outside with our umbrellas to jump in the puddles and play with mud.

Usually, we get ready and go. I even bought rubber boots for me so I can jump around with my little girl. I believe all children should enjoy this messy and fun play.


Unfortunately, last week I was feeling a lot under the weather, and when Tutu came to me on a very cold and rainy day asking me to go outside I felt so bad to decline her invitation. I decided to try to make something I had in mind since a long time, our very own homemade mud, to play with her toy truck, after all we were in our transportation themed week. I started to look in our kitchen drawers for anything that would look like mud. I finally decided to mix chocolate powder, cornstarch and, flour hoping it would look something like mud.

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I let Tutu take care of all the mixing and pouring herself. We measured 1/4 cup of chocolate powder, 1/4 cup flour, 1/2 cup cornstarch. Then the little girl whisked everything and we started adding water until we found the perfect consistency: not too liquid and not to goopy (around 3/4 cup water). The results were amazing! It looked a lot like mud  and Tutu was so excited to play with it that she forgot she wanted to go outside.


She first played with the tractor making tracks in the mud, then she was feeling it with her hands.


To extend this sensory play I brought some cardboard paper and let her make the tracks of the truck on the paper, she loved it! She then move on to paint on the paper with her hands.


Tutu got really engaged with this sensory play, she played with it for hours. She played with it in the morning and she asked again when she woke up from her nap and also the day after.  We had so much fun and, yes, I mean we, you won’t believe how much I enjoy all the activities I set up for my daughter. This activity is perfect for a rainy day or for when you are not feeling well and want to keep your kids entertained for hours without TV.

Do your kids also enjoy messy play?


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  1. Tina says:

    What a great activity for toddlers! I know many moms (with young toddlers who still put their hands in their mouths) will find this idea useful.

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