8 Awesome Transportation Activities With Free Printables

Do you have a vehicle lover at home? Here are 7 transportation-themed Montessori-inspired tot trays from matching activities to practical life skills. And free printables in Spanish, English and bilingual.

Transportation unit for toddlers

Do you have a vehicle lover at home? Here are 7 transportation-themed Montessori-inspired tot trays from matching activities to practical life skills. And free printables in Spanish, English and bilingual.

My little girl is very girly when it comes to clothing and accessories. At only two years old she loves trying on new clothes and shoes (sight!). She doesn’t go out of the house if she doesn’t have a “purse” (normally mama’s purses although she has several little girl purses).

But she is also absolutely fascinated by all things that go, especially by big vehicles that make loud noises.

Every morning Tutu asks me to look out of the window in the hopes of seeing a bus or a garbage truck. If she hears a loud noise she comes running to me and asks me to pick her up and bring her to the window.

I believe that girls and boys should just play with whatever they are interested in, regardless of their sex, but that is not what this post is about.

Since I’m all about following the child, I decided to prepare a transportation unit for our letter Bb week.

7 Transportation Montessori-inspired Trays For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Today I want to show you the activities I prepared for our Montessori-inspired tot trays.

I focused on fine motor skills, practical life, and matching activities because these are the types of activities 2-year-olds are more interested in (tutu loves this kind of activities). We also made a very cute bus craft with a recycled milk carton and a letter B initial sound basket to go along with this unit.

Don’t forget to download the free printable pack at the end of this post.

1. Lego Puzzle

Does your kid also loves Lego Duplo? Tutu adores it and I was meaning to make a lego puzzle for a long time. I printed them and pasted them on the lego pieces with scrapbooking tape.

To make your own lego Duplo puzzle simply download and print the printable. Then cut the puzzle pieces and paste them on the Duplo pieces using scrapbooking tape.

Tutu liked it but to be completely honest it was a bit difficult for her to find the matching pieces so I had to help her. This activity helps to work on fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

When we were ready she made a tower with all the pieces and started to name all the transportation vehicles in Spanish and English.

Young preschoolers would also enjoy this activity. DSCN3138

2. Spooning stones – Practical life

My husband and my dad have been working on our front yard and bought a big bag of small stones. I was able to get some for our transportation trays before they used them all and I’m happy I did because Tutu was so excited when she saw this tray.

Not only did she work on her spooning and transferring skills but it was a whole sensory experience. She was touching and feeling the stones carefully after spooning.montessori practical life

Then she decided it took too long with the spoon and turned it into a pouring activity. It got a little bit messy but she helped to clean.spooning montessori

3. Transferring stones with tongs – Practical life

This activity is a good alternative if you are afraid it may get too messy with small rocks. For young toddlers just let them transfer with their hands.

This was the first time that Tutu was successful using tongs (at 25 months). I tried to introduce her to the use of tongs a few times before and she was interested. But the tongs we owned were quite stiff and she just couldn’t use them. This one is soft and easy to handle (perfect for small hands).

She was really proud to be able to transfer the stones with the tongs.

4. Matching

I made these transportation matching cards in english, spanish and bilingual (download link at the end of this post).

To make your own matching set simply print the matching cards twice, cut one set and laminate the cut set and a complete page. You can use velcro dots to make it more fun (kids love the sound velcro makes when they are working on this),

My daughter simply LOVES matching activities: picture to picture and object to picture. You can check my letter Aa sound baskets if you want to know why matching activities are good for children.

This activity was a total HIT with my little girl, she just cannot get enough of it.

She started matching the pictures and when she was done she started looking for her playmobil vehicles everywhere around the house to match them to the cards.

You could also use this printables as booklet to introduce your kids to vocabulary or to a new language.bilingual transportation matching cards

5. Color matching

Tutu is still learning the colors so I made these to reinforce her color knowledge. She loves when her tot trays include fruit punch caps.

color matching tot trays

This activity is also good for one to one correspondence, an important pre-math skill for toddlers.

After I wrote this I found out The Kavanaugh Report has a very similar printable, check out her back to school printable set.

6. Shapes learning

Tutu has not shown much interest in shapes so far so I’ve been trying fun ways to include shapes in our trays.

I got the idea of shape roads at Adventures of Adam, she used sandpaper to make the shapes and to be quite honest I was a bit lazy to do that so I turn it into a printable and laminated it.

We have only used it once but I have to say that it got Tutu’s attention.

When you are driving the cars on the “roads” talk to your child about the shapes she is seeing.

shape printables toddler


7. Letter B is for Bus


For this activity you can use either do-a-dot markers or laminate it and use stickers (you can then remove them and re-use the printable).

We have not use this tray yet but Tutu loves stickers so I’m sure she is going to enjoy it. I plan to talk to her about the letter Bb when we use this trays.

This activity is also good for one to one correspondence.

8. Counting

transportation counting printable toddlers

Here is a fun printable which you can use to practice counting with your child. You can use it as cards or turn it into a booklet.

I simply printed and laminated these counting cards and whenever Tutu is interested she takes them and we count the vehicles together.

Click here to download the Letter Bb is for bus printable

Click here to download the Transportation matching cards español or here to download Transportation matching cards english or here to download Transportation matching cards bilingual

Your  Turn

Do you use tot-trays at home? Which activities does your child enjoy the most?

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  1. Jae says:

    I love all your letter themed activities! Thank you for sharing with us! I featured your post in our Learn & Play Link Up this week. Join us again! – Jae, the Pinay Homeschooler

  2. Laura says:

    Love your activities. We are also Spanish (minority)/English (majority-community) bilingual and introducing German (as second minority language). Daughter is 20 months, and we have started to do some Montessori work. Do you have the thong’s brand? My daughter struggles to use thongs.

    • isabel368@gmail.com says:

      Hi Laura,
      I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying our activities with your little one. Your experience sounds quite similar to ours 🙂 I bought our tongs in a local shop here in Germany so I hope you can find them there, the brand is contento. They are so soft and perfect for little hands, I truly recommend them.

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